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Media: acrylic paint on canvas. Modern and unique pieces excite with diversity of colours and tones and create variation of moods. 
The selection would please any eye. However, if the piece you like is sold, the colour you are looking for is not expressed, or even if you wish to transfer your own experience/mood, do not hesitate to get in touch. We might have what you need in our workshop, or even create a custom piece just for you.

NECKLACE handcrafts | wood amber crafts | amber original necklace | amber necklace handmade | jewelry amber handicrafts | crafts jewelry

Wood becomes alive in the hands of this artist  by bringing joy to others when enduring  his creativity. The connection of wood and amber creates a unique and special piece each time, regardless if it's a pendant, a broach or a necklace. Each hand crafted piece contains passion, imagination and creativity. 
The wooden masks are no lesser. They are derived from folklore traditions and years of oppression under various occupations, yet manage to symbolise curiosity and magic. We do hope you can find a piece which speaks to your heart.

handmade necklace |  beads necklace | seed beads necklace | women necklace | hand crafts necklace | gift for her | original necklace | original gifts

Pendants, rivière and necklaces are made by mixing various techniques of bead weaving. Each hand made piece is developed with love, passion and extreme attention to detail. 
Artist shares: "Each piece is inspired by curiosity and wish to constantly look for new techniques & styles. Learning as well as bringing imagination to life drives my creativity, and the pool of ideas in my head becomes deeper  with each piece. Working brings me inner peace and calmness - all mundane problems  disappear. I only wish that people wearing my pieces get inspired and overcome by similar, positive emotions". 

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