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If the item is faulty, or not of your liking, you can either exchange or return the product within 14 days from delivery acceptance. 

The return policy is based on laws by Republic of Lithuania: Statute article from June 11, 2001 m. Section 697 „Mažmeninės prekybos taisyklėmis“ and Republic of Lithuania civil codecs  sections 6.632, 6.363 and 6.364.



1. The item has to be in its original state as it was received. Unworn and not damaged in any way.

2. The customer wishing to return the item must inform ArtMena via e-mail. A return/ exchange form will be provided which has to be filled in by returning party.

3. A photograph of item as well as intended packaging images must be provided in the notification email.

4. Items should not be sent, until confirmation and return acceptance from ArtMena is received.

5. If an exchange is required, customer should inform ArtMena of desired item via email to ensure it is in stock.

6. Once the return / exchange is agreed between both parties, please use delivery address as provided by ArtMena.

7. Parcel is to be sent by registered delivery via currier. Tracking number should be submitted to ArtMena within 24 hours from dispatch of the parcel.

8. All fees incurred during exchange/ return of the item are the responsibility of the buyer.

9. ArtMena will only cover expenses in cases where the reason for return is delivery of faulty or wrong items, and it was recorded with courier during receipt of the parcel. (Please refer to  Delivery T&C section).

10.  Refund will be processed within 7 days from receipt and inspection of returned item. 


Thank you  for your interest and have a lovely day!

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